Web Services

We offer Domain, Email, and Website hosign to friends and family.  Why to friends and family only?  Because I don't want to get "big" and i don't want a full support staff. But I will support you and help with any problems you bump into.  Our prices are good and our systems are very stable.  I have a dedicated "VPS" hosted in a very secure location where all the magic takes place.  Here's details about our offerings


Domain Registration

In order to get a domain name, like "buerer.net", you have to register it. If you already have a domain name and want to transfer it to us, we can do that as well. When you transfer the domain we will become the registrar of record and it will be renewed at the interval you select. Once a domain exists, you can setup email, websites, and all the other cool stuff like that.

To kick-off the order process, or, check domain name availability, click this link.

Currently, we support only a few top level domains (net/org/com/etc.). If you want one we don't have, reach out to us and we'll add it to the selection list for you.


Web Site & Email Hosting

Once you have a domain, you can setup a website and your email.  We can help you with this or you can do it on your own.  We use CPANEL as a mangement console and you have full control over everything that happens with your domain.  We offer a couple of different hosting packages:

  • Limited Hosting - this is a very low cost hosting plan and is designed for you to only have a few basic pages and not a lot of storage or web traffic.  It has a few usage maximums which help us keep the cost down.
  • General Hosting - this is our main plan at a very reasonable price.  It includes some support getting you up and running, and, doesn't have a lot of caps.  Of course we do monitor usuage and should you fall into the excessive category, we'll talk about how to upgarde you to the next level to better suit your needs.  For most folks though this is plenty and yoy will be very happy with this. plan
Feature / Plan Limited General





# Email Accounts 5 Unlimited
Website Style Flat Dynamic database driven site, Concrete 5, Word Press, etc.
Storage Space 1GB Virtually Unlimited
Setup On your Own Assistance Provided
Management Console DIrect Admin