This package is desgined to cover several gaps related to collecting user information and displaying and printing member directories:

  • Registration Form:
    • Collect limited information for specific purposes at various places in your site, ex:
      • Email address only for newsletter sign-up
      • Name, Adddress, email for quick registration for a particular category
    • Automatic assignment to a group upon registration
  • Directory: Display lists of users
    • Display users only assigned to a particular group
    • Configurable output display and style
    • Easy to extend by develpoment your own templates (intermediate)
    • Basic search and pagination interface supported
    • Display of information subject to user's privacy settings
  • Print Directory
    • Create PDF of user list above for distribution to user
  • Privacy
    • Each user is in full controls of what information is displayed
    • For each piece of user data (attribute) that you display in a user list, a privacy attribute is automatically created for each users and they get to choose whether that information is publically viewable or hidden
    • Privacy settings are managed on the user's profile page