Buerer Design's has created several add-ons to support the Concrete 5 CMS.  This section documents those add-on's and provided instructions for their appropriate use.


Support publishing directories of users and support for various streamlined registrion blocks intended primarily for adding people to mailing lists and other groups.

  • Registration Block - allows you to add registration page to site accepting only limited information, useful for mailing list sign up, expressions of intersted, and the like
  • Directory Block - Displays list of users in a group, users choose what information is displayed for their specific accounts
  • Publishes PDF of Directory (future)

Blog Mailer

  • Automatically mail blog pages to a group of user's.
  • Support blog entry submission from email, confirmation and posting via web page.

Distribution Methods

Usually used in adjunct with Blog Mailer to add support for additional distribution methods, queuing, and streamline the process.